Bipolar Mission Mode

When I read in The Bipolar Child about “Mission Mode,” it really hit home.  The Captain at least once a day finds an unreasonable request that he must continually ask for every five minutes.

Mission Mode is the bipolar child’s intense need to do something, where no amount of reasoning or discussion can deter them.

Their sheer persistence is all-encompassing and they become very adept at blocking out any agenda but their own (which they are feeling very intently and very urgently)

They are inflexible–they perseverate or can’t move off a topic, they can’t anticipate that this kind of behavior will bring negative reactions from those under assault by their perseverative plans, and they have impulse control problems and cannot wait for something. (They may also be anxious that they will forget what it is they want; or they may be using this sudden gusto about a project or new idea to focus their thinking.) The new idea may be a stabilizing force that supplies an external structure because deep down inside they are afraid they are disappearing down the rabbit hole. They experience their need as an emergency situation, and so urgent that it is as if their very survival depends on their getting whatever it is they think they have to have. Any refusal on the parent’s part seems to make them feel unprotected and unloved.

From what I gather, once a child is stabilized with medication (which I am not sure yet if The Captain can be described as such), ignoring him and repeating your response, and using cognitive mediators is the solution to this.  (see links above)

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