An Apology

At The Captain’s appointment last night with the psychiatrist, The Doctor told him that he needed to apologize to his brother about having attacked him with a piece of wood.

Inwardly, I rolled my eyes.  We have had this conversation with this boy.  It does not work.  He does not apologize, or if he does, it is never, ever heartfelt.

The Captain responded with obligatory answers and nods.

The Doctor said he needed to buy a card for his brother, and write his apology in it.  He said that would be a big deal and that we would all be very proud of him for doing it.  He told us to make it a HUGE deal, and celebrate the moment with cake.

Eyes still inwardly rolling, we left and stopped at the store on the way home for the card.   He picked out a blank card with cats on it, and wrote “I’m sorry for hitting you” on the inside, and drew a picture of a person crying a lot.

When we got home, he gave the card to his brother and watched him open it.   His brother smiled and The Captain wrapped his arms around his brother, without prompting, and said “I’m sorry” and “I love you.”

We were amazed.  And The Captain noted that the cake was indeed, not a lie.

Afterwards, we had cake, and he was really, actually, very proud of himself.

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