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Weekend Review

A nice long weekend.   The Captain was mostly good, handling change / transitions / disruptions (not getting his way) well for the most part.   Sunday night he got the Melatonin about an hour before actual bedtime and for the first time in weeks, he went right to sleep without any tantrum or complaint.

Aha!  We had discovered the key.   Previously, we had given him the Melatonin about 20 minutes prior to bedtime (per the bottle’s instruction).   Perhaps he needed to be really tired before it would kick in so smoothly.

We tried this method again last night, but it failed.   It may have worked though, if he hadn’t received a call from Grandma last night, and wanted to spend the night at their house.  His tantrum last night was over not being able to go.   He blamed his brother because his brother didn’t want to go.

This morning, he woke up early again, before 5am, and quietly had breakfast, took a shower, and started being helpful, cleaning.  He’s a different person in the morning.